Breaking TimeLines


Class Description

Prerequisite: Foundational Training.

  • Magical Energetic Structures made of “wizard thread”. These can be placed in a body for improving the functioning of an organ or system; they can be placed in a house or room to alter the feeling-quality of the space; they can restructure the flow of energy and consciousness in offices or homes, making them more efficient, more relaxed, and more harmonious; they can be used to create “spells” to facilitate sleep or working through issues; they can be used to mimic acupuncture or Jin Shin, or create ‘Dosha’ balancings—fantastic for “resetting” the physical body. They can even be used to change the sound of one’s voice. The possibilities are endless.
  • Vortex Crystal-Grid Release. This is a healing art in itself. You learn to pop up special magical structures called “Vortex Crystals” and place them in your own or someone else’s field, for energizing or to release blockage by working with the energetic blueprint of a problem. The Vortex Crystals act as a second energy source, creating more power for self-healing or working on others. Once activated they can run on their own, so you can use them to do treatments on yourself while you sleep. They can also energize a room.
  • Merlin’s Global Healing Grid. This amazing Healing Grid, a global magical structure created by Merlin, enables you to participate very directly in Earth Evolution. For instance, a single Magical Structures level student can release a town’s karmic accumulation on that area of the earth in less than 10 minutes. The change can be quite striking and can be done at a distance. And the incredible power of this Healing Grid can be used on personal issues as well (for yourself or others). You can even use it to perform ‘pujas’ (for yourself or others) that harmonize you with transiting planets and help to alleviate negative astrological influences, or for special events or issues, or do Ayurvedic ‘Dosha’ balancings.
  • Open Vortex Spaces: these special magical structures can be put around rooms, houses or cities, to create a higher vibratory space.
  • Advanced Energetic Hookups to the Vital Web: enable you to “hookup” to anything in creation, for healing. Now you can improve the sound of musical instruments and work much more directly and deeply in a person’s energy system.
  • Vortex Meditations specific for Karmic Acceleration & Evolving the Energy System.


ONLINE, NOV 29- Dec 3, 2023 

This class is open to Region 3: AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, TX, WA, WY, and Western Canada/Mexico.

Students from any region may repeat

Please download the Zoom app on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. You cannot log in through your browser as it limits the features available.

You are required to have a working camera and microphone as well as reliable internet. (You cannot call in on the telephone—you have to be visible on camera)

Class meets 8:30 am to 4 pm daily

Pacific Time

All class hours required.