VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

Advanced Training Guidelines

There are 6 classes that form the Core Group of classes needed to enter the first awakening class. Those 6 classes, in the order that must be taken, are: Foundational, Magical Structures, Intensive or Earthshift Intensive, Multi-Frequency, LifeForm, and Omega. All of these classes except the Intensives represent a pre – awakening ‘level’ of VortexHealing class, and there are other classes that may be taken at each level. After Omega class, one can take the first level awakening class: Core Veil & Awakening to Being Awareness, which is the doorway to higher level awakening classes and healing classes.

  1. To continue the development of your energy system
  2. To give you more and deeper healing tools
  3. To ripen your energy system and consciousness for the spiritual awakening that will occur in the Core Veil & Awakening to Being Awareness class.

Once that awakening has occurred, the classes split into two interrelated threads: an awakening thread and a healing thread. Now, the classes that generate deeper awakenings enable deeper healing trainings to be given, and the energetic development in the deeper healing classes enables deeper awakening classes to be given.


  • Early Registration discounts for 1-day, 2-day & 3-day classes: Full payment must be made by 1 month before the start of class. Payments not made by 5 days before the start of class incur a $15 fee.
  • Early Registration for longer classes: Deposits must be made by 1 month before the start of class AND balances must be paid by 5 days before the start of class. Later payments incur a $15 fee.



$150 Regular Registration (RR) 

$120 Early Registration (ER) 

No Repeater Discount


Deepening in Meditation with Merlin



$190 Regular Registration (RR) 

$160 Early Registration (ER) 

$120 Repeater Discount




$335 Regular Registration (R

$151.25 (RR-Repeater)

$305 Early Registration (ER) 

$228.75 (ER-Repeater)





$470 Regular Registration (RR)

$352.50 (RR-Repeater)

$440 Early Registration (ER) 

$330 (ER-Repeater)





$610. Regular Registration (RR)

$457.50 (RR-Repeater)

$560. Early Registration (ER) 

$420. (ER-Repeater)


  • Clearing the Kundalini
  • Angelic Heart IV
  • Timelines



$705. Regular Registration (RR)

$528.75 (RR-Repeater)

$655.. Early Registration (ER)

 $491.25. (ER-Repeater)




$795. Regular Registration (RR)

$596.25 (RR-Repeater)

$745. Early Registration (ER) 

$558.75 (ER-Repeater)


  • Multi-Frequency



$885. Regular Registration (RR)

$663.75 (RR-Repeater)

$835. Early Registration (ER)

 $626.25 (ER-Repeater)


  • Omega

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