Gailynn's Class Schedule

Oct 7-11 Foundation (5 days) Online
Nov 20-23 Angelic Heart IV (4 days) Online
Nov 29–Dec 3  Magical Structures (5 days) Online
Dec 08-09 Sensing III (2 days) Online
Dec 10-11 Sensing IV (2 days) Online

Jan 27-28 Karmic Intensive (2 days)  Online
Feb 6-11 Multi Frequency (6 days) Online
Mar 22-26 Foundational (5 days) Online
May 10-14-May-24 LifeForm (5 days) Online
May 18 Deepening with Merlin (1 day) 
Jun 7-11 Magical Structures (5 days)
Jun 12 Sensing I (1 day) 

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